It's A Boating BONANZA!

I love games in the classroom to help supplement learning, so I have created a template board game that can be used for any subject your heart desires. I think this is pretty cute.

This is the first in a series of board games I am going to make; I would really like to have a bunch of different themed board game templates so you can choose your favorite, or have a bunch of different games available for your kids to play.

Click the image below to check it out on Tpt:

If you download this game, you will get the following:
 On the game cards, you write your questions or math problems on the back.
 There is a set of generic instructions and also a blank "how to play" page so you can write your own instructions, if you prefer.

 I have used board games to practice spelling words, math problems, odd/even, etc. You could even do main idea, or context clues. The possibilities are endless!

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